Buck Naked

We love our partnership with Buck Naked and are so proud to be working with them. HS handles all marketing, social media, brand positioning, and works to secure brand partnerships and raise brand awareness.

Product and Business Development, Brand Partnerships, Integrated Marketing Strategies, Community Management, and Experiential Marketing.

We refined their brand and launched a new ecommerce platform for Buck Naked.

We redesigned their e-commerce store, providing both retail customers and wholesale customers with a seamless shopping experience with tons to choose from. We know that choice is crucial for online shopping, so we introduced new categories to shop from and are currently busy working on a brand-new product line for them.

Why we love Buck Naked: Buck Naked Soap Company is an all-natural skin care company offering high quality, handcrafted soap and bath products. Their sustainable practices carry through their entire process of soap making and they’re dedicated to producing only the best for their customers. Buck Naked also strong believes in giving back. Buck Naked and one of our favourite organizations, WE Charity, recently team up to provide access to clean water in Kenya.