Seal It

HS has been in partnership with Seal-It for many years. We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with their team and love to work with them to conceive of new ideas and take pride in bringing these ideas to life. We manage all marketing and social media channels, and continue to work consult on their product pipeline, to keep them innovative, consistent, and a leader in their industry.

Community management, Brand strategy, Product pipeline strategy, Competitive landscape analysis, Research

HS developed the Seal-It social strategy and identity. Your go-to, must-follow, always ideating crafting expert.

We produced handmade, original, DIY content for all social pages using Seal-Its’ glitter supplies. We engage with the Seal-It crafting community, answering followers’ crafting 9- 1-1 questions, run contests and crafting challenges to get Seal-It product into crafters’ hands, and inspire creativity within the DIY realm with our on-going original content. This strategy has more than tripled their audience and increased brand awareness.

We built Seal-Its’ first e-commerce store, introducing the company to the B2C sales model for the first time and providing a seamless shopping experience for customers online. We’ve consulted on Seal-It’s growing product pipeline and continue to source and pitch new possibilities for their online store. We’re always thinking of new ways to add a touch of sparkle to everyone’s life with Seal-It!